Commitment to Change

by Greg Olney

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Commitment to Change (C2C)


The 5 C's in Commitment to Change

I'm sure you’ve probably looked at the title and you've counted the number of letter C’s in Commitment to Change and you’re only coming up with two of them. You may even come up with four letter C’s if you count the C2C, which stands for Commitment to Change…But 5? 

The “5 C’s” noted in the title go beyond the title. What we’ll explore together in this book is that commitment is only the final piece in the whole Transition Game model. C2C covers all the different pieces to a great Commitment to Change. That’s how we'll find 5 pieces. Those pieces include Consideration, Certainty, Charter, Character, and finally Commitment. Each ‘C’ is essential to a strong and vibrant Commitment to Change


Consideration, Certainty, Charter, Character, and Commitment

Consideration comes when we evaluate the facts and give careful thought before deliberately charging forward. This first step happens when we do our risk assessment and cost/benefit analysis. We must consider if our Commitment to Change is right before moving to the next step.

Certainty arises once we’ve evaluated the facts and are fully convinced that our Commitment to Change is right. We can be confident that this commitment leaves no doubt in each person’s mind that it's their way to fulfill their purpose. 

Charter is an outline of conditions of each Commitment to Change. A charter organizes and defines who does what by when. It can similarly be thought of as the contract to get things done.

Character encompasses the qualities of a person’s life. It's the accumulation of all of a person’s features and attributes that form the individual nature  of a person. Character includes elements like honesty, courage, integrity, trustworthiness, and care for others that build someone’s reputation.

Commitment is the final stage of the Transition Game. Once we’ve gotten over the Status Quo and the Fear of moving forward, we Balance and begin Doing What it Takes to reach our Commitment to Change. Commitment is the overriding theme of The Transition Game where Consideration brings Certainty and guidance from the Charter brings Character


Why You Should Read This Book

This book is spread out over these 5 C’s so that we can delve into each section and understand these sections piece by piece. I challenge you to read this book and learn this process so you can reach your own Commitment to Change.


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Commitment to Change

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